Sunday, April 22, 2012

There is beauty all around. . . .

      Have you ever been so moved by the beautiful landscape that you knew without a doubt that our Heavenly Father is the creator of all things.  We were driving through the tall green trees and the amazing farms in our new area, the sky was a beautiful blue with white fluffy clouds and I was overcome with the sure assurance that this wonderful world was created with love for each of us by a loving Heavenly Father, who loves me so much.

Our new areas are from Waldorf south to the tip of Maryland
past Ridge between the Potomac river and the Chesapeake Bay.
     As we were driving to our first appoinment on Monday we turned a corner and came upon this Amish buckboard filled with beautiful flowers.  The two little girls sat beside the man on the front seat.  In this area of Maryland, the Amish have the right-a-way on the roads.  We drove slow and followed then for a little ways until they turned off. 
      Our first week in the Patuxent  ward was great.  We had a no show and a sister who said she was to busy to go with us on our visits, but that didn't discourage us.. We drove over to a gravel road that fed into threes beautiful farms.. we didn't know which one was the home of  Kimberly. So we stopped the car and were approached by a lady in a truck that came up to our car and asked "what are you doing here, this is private land", we explained that we were trying to find Kimberly and she showed us which house was hers and then said "well if you would have shown me your missionary badge, I would have known who you were here to see.. She smiled and we were on our way down the road.  Kimberly and her husband Richard were both home and we were welcomed into their home.  We had a wonderful visit with her and every once in a while we would hear an answer coming from the other room.  We invited Richard to join us and he declined saying it was girl talk.  Kimberly recently lost her job due to down sizing in the company she had worked for 10 years.  She said she was enjoying the time to spend with her two young children and would start looking for a job in a month or so.  We loved talking to her and can't wait to visit her again.  We then drove over to our next appt. and no one was home.. We called and found out that she would be home in an hour.. We were given another sisters name to visit so we headed down the road to see if she was home.. upon arriving we were told thru a window that she wasn't home.. so we headed home.. 95 one day..
     Tuesday we had two awesome visits.. first Becky a darling young mother who moved here with her family about a year ago from New Mexico for a job transfer.. they have 3 kids a home a daughter and 2 sons. They have daughter and grandaughter who live in Arizona.. Becky home schools her two boys and they are 12 & 14 and her daughter is 16.  I noticed her wedding portrait, she and her husband were married in the Mesa Arizona temple.. She is so sweet and we had wonderful visit with her.
     We then headed over to Bishop Reeds home to visit with his wife Angie.  She is recuperating from major back surgery.  Sister Brown was anxious to talk to her and bounce some questions off her about her back issues and the surgery.  We also got to meet their 3 daughters, a 10 year old and 16 year old twins.. They have a son who just left for his mission and is now in the MTC in Guatemala.  Such a wonderful family, we loved getting to know them and spending time with them. 
                                             Really HIGH bridge to the Solomon Island

Stoney's Restaurant = awesome crab cakes
   We didn't have any other appointments so we decided to go to Solomon's Island for dinner.  We had gone there with Bishop and Haleigh Vance for crab cakes at Stoney's restaurant and that sounded really good.. Since Solomon's Island is in our current area, we headed south and over the "really HIGH" bridge.. thank goodness Sister Brown was driving.. I had knots in my stomach just riding over it.. But it was worth it to have the wonderful dinner at Stoney's. The restaurant sits right on the water and we watched the sailboats and had a relaxing evening.  Another 95 mile day..  we are thinking it will be a norm in the Patuxent ward and probably put more miles on our cars the weeks we are in the Lexington Park ward boundaries, because it goes to the southern most tip of Maryland.. but the drives are so beautiful and we really don't mind the drive.
     Wednesday we now have Bonnie & Kathleen in the ride up to the temple.  Bonnie changed to the same shift we work on so she could ride up with us each week.  It is so  much fun to all be together.. This was the Wednesday at the temple that the missionaries who are leaving next Weds.go to, so we got to see them.  Six of the darling young sister missionaries that we have grown to love are going home and it was really hard to say goodbye.. We got so close to them when we worked together in the visitors center in December and each one is so special to me.. they were amazing missionaries and served with dedication and love. They will be missed.  We also got to see Elder Kinne, he was one of the missionaries that served in our ward when we first arrived here in Maryland and we got very close to him.  He is from Prescott, Arizona and such a joy to be with.  Elder Shurtleff will be leaving also and we will really miss him, he is so much fun to have living in the same apartment complex.  He has served an awesome mission and touched so many lives, ours included. 
     Thursday we had a full day of visits scheduled.  Our first visit was with Arline, she lives right on the water and it was a beautiful drive down there.  Her husband Pete an ex-airline pilot for Eastern Airlines, built their beautiful home.  They have had 10 children and lost 2 as adults, which is so sad. Their daughter died just a year ago and we were able to listen to Arline, as she told us about each of their children. They have 2 sons and their son-in law living with them at this time, so she is surrounded by men and loved having us visit so she could have some girl talk.  We spent quite a bit of time with her and she invited us back any time.. In fact we are going back next week to help her set up Skype so she can see her daughter receive a major award..

     Our next visit was with Kelly Gillingwaters family for dinner. Her husband is in the bishopric and Kelly's mom lives with them & is on dialysis every day.  It was a very fun dinner appointment and we really enjoyed the company of the Gillingwaters.  Brother Gillingwater works for the Dept. of Agriculture and Kelly works in a dental office.  Their children are all raised.
                                                               Cecilia & Trudy


     After our dinner we had an appointment with Darlene W. We met Trudy B & her mom Cecilia Y. at Darlene's home.  Trudy is the sister of our friend Tina in the White Plains 1st ward and Cecilia is her mom.  Darlene lost her husband a year ago to a combination of Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, and a form of Muscular Dystrophy.   She is having major health issues herself and has been going to several doctors to find a resolution to her problems. We had a great visit with them and were so glad we got to meet Tina's sister and mom. 
     It was a long day, but a very fulfilling one for us.  We love getting to meet new people and making new friends. 
      Friday I woke up feeling like *#@ and so we had to re-schedule our appointments of  that day to the following week.  I was down all day and then wiped out on Saturday.. We had been on the go for 10 days and I guess it was time for a couple days of rest..
      I woke up on Sunday feeling so much better and was ready to hit the road running.. We attended the Lexington Park ward.  Susie McGhee the RS president was so prepared for us; she had a ward roster all highlighted and and bullet point notes by each name, she also had our lunch schedule filled out for the week.  We spent a few minutes at the first of the meeting introducing ourselves and telling the sisters what our mission was all about.  It was so much fun to see so many of the sisters we visited during the week and see the smiles when they saw us.. it makes us feel so welcome.  After church we had dinner at Susie's home.  She and her husband still have two sons at home, Joe is 12 and Sam is 18 and getting ready to leave for college.. It was such a fun time at their house.. They shared many fun stories..
     It started raining here on Saturday evening and it poured all day Sunday.. They were expecting 3" of rain and I'm sure we received at least that.
     We are excited for the coming week and visiting the sisters of Lexington Park....

Have a wonderful week..

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