Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

     I really don't think I have ever been in a more beautiful place in the springtime.  This week the dogwood trees and the red bud trees burst into bloom, along with the most vibrant azaleas. Driving along the road last week the trees were bare and this week they are covered in bright green foliage..It is so beautiful everywhere you look..
Dogwood Trees in bloom
     This week we wanted to visit a lot of our favorite people before we head out to work in our new areas.  We placed  27 phone calls on Monday to set up appointments and talked to many and received several return phone calls asking us to come visit . We plan to do the same next week to finish out our service here.  We have made so many friends and it is really hard to say goodbye to so many.  Even though we will still be living in the same place we know that we won't see everyone we have grown to love after tomorrow for quite a while. 
  • This week we met Kristi for lunch. We were worried about her and the struggle she is going thru but it was a very up-beat lunch and we had a wonderful talk.
  •                                                                        Kristi
  • The azeleas at Elsies home
  • Another of our favorites is Elsie who is 86 and such a fun lady.. We really love to visit with her and love her stories. 
  • We had a wonderful visit and dinner with Janice and her family. She is so caring and compassionate and such a wonderful example to us. 

  • We had a great visiting teachers lunch with; Renee, Linda, Bonnie, Shirley, Dela, Carol, Lucy, Marci & Tamesha at Olive Garden.. Good soup and salad all around and lots of laughter and fun as well. 
  • Ethyl
  • One of the sweetest ladies we visit is Ethyl.. She is always so eager to have us come over and visit and very spunky for an 80 year old.  We love to visit with her, she has the greatest sense of humor and we are always welcome and have a wonderful time at her home.  She found out I like the series NCIS and gave me a picture of  Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs, because she likes him too.. So funny..
  • We had a very special evening with Maria as she served us authentic Spanish paella and salad and then a wonderful flan for dessert.  Maria is from Spain and we also got to see some wonderful treasures from Spain that she cherishes, a mantilla and tall comb from her grandmother and beautiful handmade shawls. We saw pictures of where she was born and had a wonderful evening with her and her husband.  
                Saturday we cleaned our apartment, and got gas, and grocery shopped..
       Easter Sunday is always special at church. The talks and the music touch my heart as I remember my Savior and his love for me.
      We were invited to Easter  dinner with Deanna and her family after church.. It is so fun to share Easter with families that have young children.. They have three kids 8, 7, 4 and they are so cute. 
       It is such a blessing to have such giving people who are happy to share their lives and families with us while we are here on our mission.
      As I reflect on this time of year and  what it means to me I know that my savior  Jesus Christ spent his last days on earth thinking only of us and not of himself. He suffered for each of our sins and died on the cross for us.. I will ever be grateful for his atoning sacrifice and the love he has for me.  I  have felt his arms surround me in times of sorrow and trouble and know that he is with me always. I am touched so often by such a strong feeling of love by my Savior and  brought to tears as I think of him and all he does each and every day for me..

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