Thursday, July 4, 2013

It's all about Family and Friends

     The month of June was a busy one indeed.. Lots of time with my wonderful family and some very special friends. 
     The month started with a fun luncheon with my friend Billie. I have known her for many years and have known her husband since both of our kids were young.. they were married a few years ago and I was their wedding planner.. so Billie and I go way back. She is so much fun to spend time with we talk and laugh and share memories.
     My favorite fellow Casey, is so much fun around the house, he can beat me into the bathroom sink for a drink. Sleeps at the foot of my bed and doesn't move until he sees me move and then he is right next to my head with a "meow", wanting me to get up and feed him.. He follows me around the house and loves to sleep on the top of one of my big chairs.. so I added a blanket to it for him to keep the fur on the blanket and not the chair..

     My job at the Phoenix Children's Museum is taking care of the children's books.  I get the new books ready to be placed in the various areas of the museum  and repair the ones that have been damaged and are shop worn.. I really love my job and the people I work with are so much fun.  It is really a joy to be there two days a week..
     The group of ladies I meet with each week that are dedicated to creating cards and conversation had a wonderful summer luncheon at Kathleen's beautiful home.  We each brought a dish to add to the meal. I made Gazpacho and it was so good. Everyone had a fun day and we created some very fun projects.  We also as a group like to take field trips every couple months and in June we  had a field trip to IKEA.  I found a wonderful red rug for my living room on sale for $12.99..what a steal.. Looks great in my room.

 My good friends Bonnie and Gary Ramon came for a visit from Maryland. I became friends with them while I was on my mission. They really adopted us and made us part of their family. We were included for holidays and special days along with just hanging out together.. Bonnie's brother lives in Phoenix and was getting married, so I got to have her spend some time with me while they were here. So much fun.. taking her to all my favorite places and showing off my town to her..
Bonnie, Gary &me

  • Also attended the dance recital of my granddaughter Alli.. It was held downtown at the Orpheum Theater.. A beautiful production.. So proud of Alli.
  • I get to take my g-granddaughter Malorie to her swim lessons.

  • We celebrated 3 of my grandson's birthdays in June.. Dylan was 22, Coleton was 16 and Logan was 14.. That is always a big deal in our family. 
  • Went to see several movies last month and loved every one..From Man of Steel to Despicable Me 2 and several in-between..
  • Went to the production of "The Drowsy Chaperone", with my granddaughter Taylor.
  • Summer means baseball and my grandson Logan is participating in the juniors All Star tournament.. So we are at the ball field several nights to see him play..
  • I started taking the digital scrapbooking classes again produced by Memory Mixer and taught by my daughter Kristan. 
  • Got to go to a Arizona Diamondbacks game with Steve and Kelly.. Steve had special seats in a suite, so that was really fun.. and they won!  
  • I get to teach my adorable 3 year olds in church each Sunday and do love them so much.. I have 10 in my class and they are so cute and we have a great time each week.