Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Summertime is here

Since my return from my mission I have been getting re-acclimated to living in my surroundings again. I love being home and spending quality time with family and friends, but must admit that I really do miss all those friends back in Maryland and DC..

Some of the things that have been keeping me busy are:

·       A visit from my sister Judy.. shopping, movies and eating out..three of our favorite things to do.. Always love to have her here.

·       Adopted a new cat. Casey is a Tabby that is 3 years old. He is such a gentle and loving pet.. He is a lot of company and is so good.

·       Attended the production of Sound of Music, that my grandaughter's Taylor and Madi were performing in. They were amazing and I got to see it 3 times..

·       Choir concerts for my grandson Zach.. He is really starting to come out of his own in music. He plays cello, guitar and sings..

·       Choir concerts for Taylor and Madi.. wonderful music and choreography.. Volunteered to help at the door for 2 nights .

·       Started working at the Phoenix Children's Museum as a volunteer in the exhibits department. My current job is binding the books that will go out in the various exhibits.. I really do love working there.  Such a great group of people. I work there 2 days a week.. so much fun..

·       Each week on Weds. I meet with the card group I belong to. There are 8 of us and we visit, share ideas, go out to lunch and create cards. One of the charities that we contribute cards to is Hospice. Last year we donated over 1,200 cards.

·       I hosted a luncheon for the empty nesters in my ward. It was very fun.. Love having friends over.

·       Going out to lunch with friends & my daughters and grandaughter

·       Drove up to Flagstaff with Kristan to deliver a car to Karleigh.. She is living up there and getting ready to start school and needed a car.

·       Visited scrapbook stores with Kristan, she is a sales rep and calls on the stores in the valley and I tag along and work while she is having her meetings with the owners. 

·       Baseball games are a very important part of our spring and summer here in Arizona and I have loved attending games since my boys played ball when they were young.  Now I attend the games of my grandson Logan.. Great player, and he loves baseball.

·       Dinner at my kids homes, love spending time with my kids and grandkids and being invited over to their homes for an evening of fun.

·       Family parties.. love these so much..when we all get together each month to celebrate the birthday's for that month.. All "22" of us have so much fun together.

·       Movies, lots of movies.. going with family or friends or even by myself.. Just love to go to the movies.

·       Teaching the "3" year olds at church.. I have 11 of the cutest kids in my class and we have a wonderful time each Sunday.

·       Attended the high school graduation of my grandaughter Taylor. It was held at the Peoria Sports Complex. There were over 750 graduates in her class and it was a wonderful evening.

 These are just a few of the things I have been keeping busy with since I came home.. It seems that every day on my calendar is filled and that is the way I love it.  The weeks have flown by and summer is upon us here in the southwest..HOT...HOT. Today it is going to be 109 degrees.. I am meeting my friend Billie for lunch.. love spending time with her.. We have been friends since the early 90's..

On Wednesday our card group is having a luncheon and I am taking Gazpacho as my dish.  We are each sharing an old idea that we have updated.. I have struggled coming up with an idea and finally just yesterday I completed my project , nothing special..still waiting for my mojo in crafting to come back.. I feel non-creative these days and really want to get back to creating  projects.