Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Six months home and loving it. . . . .

Six months home and it has flown by. . . . .
I have been keeping so busy with many wonderful things in my daily life..
  • I started working at the Phoenix Children's Museum, and love it. I work in the exhibit department and love the folks I get to work with and love the projects I have been given to complete. My major assignment is to prepare the hundreds of children's books that the museum owns to go out into the various areas of the museum.  The museum buys over $10,000.00 in books each year for the enjoyment of the children that come visit the museum.. I bind the back of the books, reinforce the corners and round the corners of the inside of the book. Then I put library tape in-between every page of the book to make it strong.. they need to withstand the abuse of hundreds of little ones using the books, not only for reading, but also for surf boards and frizbee's but all sorts of activities that children can think of.  I also helped create paper flowers that were used for centerpieces at a luncheon put on at the Phoenix Country Club for investors of the museum..
  • I am teaching the Sunbeams at church each Sunday, they are 3 and 4 years old and so sweet.. They are a very busy group.. Until last week we had 12 in our class, which was overwhelming and they divided the class and now I have 8, which is much easier..I really love this age.. they are so loving and so much fun.. I have one little girl, Lily who always wants to sit on my yap..I usually have at least 2 kids on my lap during the opening exercises each Sunday.
  • I attend  3 C's group each Weds. It is Cards, Chocolate and Conversation.  There are 10 of us that meet and share ideas on cards and other fun crafts. They are a great group of gals and I really do enjoy sharing my Wednesday mornings with them. 
  • My grandchildren have been keeping me busy attending baseball games, football games, concerts, plays and musicals that they are involved in.  The productions of Peter Pan, Music Man and Beauty & the Beast.. which my grandchildren performed in..
  • Going to lunch with friends, movies and shopping are always on my to do list..
  • Family parties and activities are so special to me.. I am so blessed to live close to my family and be a part of their lives.  
  •  I got to go to St. George, Utah with Steve, Ali and Kelly to watch the St. George Marathon. This was the 15th year that Steve ran in this race. He along with Kelly and 5 other friends from Phoenix were running.. We left on Thursday and drove up.. We got to stay in my friend Kathy Brown's home. She was my first companion on my mission.  She was on a trip to Jerusalem.. It was so nice to have a home to spend time in rather than a hotel.  We had a fun filled weekend with many traditions that the guys have established over the years.. They all ran a great race and all of us gals were a great cheering section.  So fun to spend time with family.
  • I start working in the Mesa Arizona Temple on Dec. 6th.. I have been assigned to work in the baptistery.. I am so very excited, because I have such wonderful memories of working in the baptistery in the DC temple as well as the Mesa temple in the past.. It is one of my favorite assignments.  I meet so many wonderful people and get to feel the special spirit there.. so many tender mercies as those who come are touched as they perform the proxy baptisms, for those who have passed on and didn't have the opportunity to be baptized themselves.
  • I love the holiday season, it really is my favorite time of year... the love we feel for each other and the true spirit of the season in each of our lives is so very special to me.