Sunday, December 4, 2011

What a wonderful week we had .. We were able to spend quality time with 4 wonderful sisters during the week.
  • Monday: Bonnie Ramon called us in the morning and asked if we could go with her to Richmond, Virginia to see a dining room set that she was looking at. She felt uncomfortable going to the house it was at all alone.  We called President Matsumori and told him we were going out of the state and what we were doing.  He told us to have a great day, which we did.  The drive was about 2 1/2 hours to get there and the furniture was beautiful and Bonnie was so happy she came down to see it.  Her husband was going to go down with her on Tuesday to pick it up.  While we were in Richmond we saw a "Sonic".. and we were all so excited.. yum.. Then we were on our way home and saw a "Hobby Lobby".. we all knew that it was a must stop..  I was able to get a Christmas tree and decorations for our apartment.  We arrived home about 6:00 and we were so happy that we were able to go with her.
  • Tuesday:  We were asked by Linda Cornelison if we liked to decorate and when we said we did, she asked if we could come over to her house and help her decorate for Christmas. We arrived at Linda's house not knowing exactly what we would be doing, but happy to help her out and have a fun day too.  Linda was decorating the tree in the living room and asked us to unload the tubs of decorations in the storage room and showed us where she wanted things put.. On arriving in the storage room we saw floor to ceiling, wall to wall tubs filled with various holiday decorations.  There were about "40" filled with Christmas.. Linda loves Christmas and has made so many of the decorations herself.  We decorated and decorated and finally had every available spot in her home filled with holiday cheer.. She was so happy and fixed us a very nice dinner.. It was a fun day.. we were ready to relax when we arrived home. 

 Linda decorated the tree
 We unloaded tubs, & more tubs & more tubs
 Every available spot is filled with Christmas Spirit
  • Wednesday:  We had a meeting with Elder Olsen, the Director of the Washington DC Temple Visitors Center, before we started our shift working at the temple.  Part of our mission calling is to work at the Visitors center during the month of December.. We talked about our schedule and he told us that we could decide what days and shifts we wanted to work, since we had quite a drive to get there.. We then got to tour the building and see all the wonderful Christmas trees and the room filled with Nativity sets from all over the world. Weds. evening was the opening of the holiday season at the Visitors Center and the lightening of the trees and the temple grounds.. it is a very special event attended by general authority L. Tom Perry & Senators and Congressmen plus dignitaries and ambassadors from the embassy's in Washington DC. After our meeting with Elder Olsen we worked our shift at the temple, which is always a wonderful day..
 Two of the many trees decorated throughout the Visitors center

 A couple of the Nativity sets
  •   Thursday:  We met with a young sister Stephanie Drake, she had called us and asked if we could meet with her for lunch.  We were excited to meet with her again.  We had called on her at her home a couple weeks ago and had a very good visit.. She is in the Army and has just returned from a year deployment in Afghanistan.  She is a specialist at repairing medical equipment.  Her duties while deployed were to keep the medical equipment in the hospitals up and running.. She had great stories to share and we talked a lot about her duties while she was over there.  Her husband Eric is in the Marines and is on the hazard duties detail involving any threat to the President, or the White House.  They have been married for two years and have been have only been together for about 3 months during that time.  We had a fun lunch and then she wanted to do some shopping, so we walked around the mall together.  It was a fun day, I know we were able to answer her questions and help her feel loved.  She is one of 12 children and the only one who is married.  Her family lives in Utah and she really misses them and I think we can help fill the gap..
Stephanie & I at lunch 
  •   Friday morning we were getting started in our morning and had just finished our prayers, asking our Father in Heaven to help us know who might need our help and who we could visit that day, when we received a phone call from the Relief Society President in 2nd ward.  Melody Lusk (a sister in 2nd ward) had just been taken to the emergency room and didn't have anyone who could be with her.. She asked if we could go and we immediately said of course, we will leave right away.  Saint Mary's Hospital was a little over an hour away, and we drove through a lot of Amish countryside.  When we arrived Melody was in severe pain with a debilitating migraine.  We let her know that we were there and that her husband Kevin was on his way.  He works in DC, so his drive would be over 2 1/2 to 3 hours to get there.  They did a cat scan and then brought her back to  her room, that we kept quiet and dark.  When Kevin arrived he thanked us, and was so happy that we were able to be there with Melody until he arrived.  They released her to go home that evening and we are happy for that. 
 Bishop Martin and his kids
 Emily McCammon, Salena Thomas & Elizabeth Amorino
 Roz Brown
 Michelle Parnes
We had Santa & Mrs. Claus to greet the Children
·        Saturday: This was the day that both wards had chosen for their Christmas party.  1st ward held a Christmas breakfast and it started at 10:00.  They served; stuffed french toast, cinnamon rolls, cereal, fruit, sausage and milk and orange & apple juice.  The cultural hall was packed and the atmosphere was exciting.. We ate and then they presented a program featuring different families sharing the traditions they have in their family on ways to keep the Christ in Christmas.. it was a very fun morning.. we then hit the grocery store and stocked up for the week ahead.  About half way through shopping my head started throbbing and so  stayed home from the party in the evening, and let Sister Brown go to represent us.  I really do hate to not feel good.. don't have time for that.. but all is well now. 
  • Today is Sunday:  Attended 1st ward this morning and then this evening we are going to Bishop Vance's home for dinner and then watch the First Presidencies Christmas Devotional..
We start our first shift at the Visitors Center tomorrow morning and I am excited for a new adventure.  We will work there each Monday and Friday during December, and on Christmas Eve. 
I hope everyone has a wonderful week and it is filled with love and the spirit of the season.

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