Saturday, November 5, 2011

It's November

It's November and the weather is gorgeous, here in Maryland.  We are having perfect fall weather and enjoying it every day.  We can have the slider patio open during the day and I even get to have my window open at night. 
 We have several ponds in our area and the Canadian geese are in each of the areas around the ponds.  They fly between the ponds and I love to hear their calls as they fly overhead.  One day as I was driving out of our apartments I had to stop and wait for the geese to walk across the road, and they were in no hurry.
I had to share this darling picture of Malorie, my great-grandaughter that was taken this week by my daughter-in-law Jamie.  She is 18 months old and so sweet.  When I call and she is there and I ask to talk to her, she looks at the phone and sees my picture and just kisses the phone.. I really do miss her.

This is the view that we see each week when we drive to the temple from the freeway.  It is so neat to see the temple so beautiful  right in front of your eyes as you drive down the freeway.  The traffic alerts use the temple in their reports when they talk about the traffic on that section of the freeway..

This is the view we see when we take the freeway to the mission office..
So awe inspiring to see the nations capitol up close.

These are the cute brownstones in Georgetown that we drove by after we missed the off ramp on our way home from the mission office on Friday. .. So we are seeing a lot of  Georgetown, Bethesda, Arlington and Washington DC, as we miss one off ramp or another.. 

On Thursday we drove down to visit sisters at the southern end of our mission. It is the tip of Maryland and we saw a sign that led us down to the waters edge.  We parked and walked out on the long pier.  I talked to a man who was fishing off the end of the pier and asked which body of water it was and he said it was the Wicomico river that empties into the Chesapeake around the bend.  It was beautiful there and the homes all had their own private docks off the back of their houses.

These are the other 2 elders in our wards that we serve in.  Elder Karlinsky and Elder Goodman.  Elder Goodman is from Tucson .  Transfers are this coming Weds. and I know that we will probably be losing 2 of the elders and getting new ones.  We have gotten so close with these 4 and will really miss whoever gets transferred.  

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