Sunday, August 24, 2014

August is always so busy. . . .

In August I:
LDS Family Services Advisory Board Meeting;  I serve on the board and really enjoy the interaction with the other members of the board.. Much discussion this quarter on the new policy of Family Services to no longer serve as an Adoption Agency.. We are turning that procedure over to the local agencies in each state.  We will be more involved with the counseling of un-wed birth mothers and those couples wishing to adopt. 
  • I am still meeting with the various wards in our stake and presenting the full program of LDS Family Services.. There are so many wonderful services available that most people don't know exist.
  • Our monthly family party to celebrate the birthdays of Morgan, Steve, Alli, Susannah and Me.. I really love our family get togethers.. Lots of love, laughter, stories and special time together.. I love that my kids all live close and the cousins are all such good friends..

                   Grant & I the day of his farewell. . .
  • My grandson Grant reported to his mission in Ft. Collins, Colorado and is loving it.. He is currently serving in Longmont.. he and his companion are living in the lake house of the wards Bishop.  Very plush..
  • The very special wedding of my grandson Dylan and his beautiful bride Madison.  They were married in the Gilbert, Arizona Temple on August 16th.  Then there was a luncheon for families at the PV Stake Center.. That evening the reception was held at the Princess Resort in Scottsdale.. What an amazing day.. I was able to get a picture of my entire family (except Elder Grant Harper, our missionary).. But I don't think I will get everyone in a picture in the near future..
Mr. & Mrs. Dylan Paolacci
leaving the temple.. this is a picture of true happiness

My Family
50 years ago this August, I married my best friend.  I know that Kent was there with us the entire day as we celebrated this special union.  I am so proud of my children and their families and all they have accomplished.. My family is growing by the addition of new grandchildren ( the grown up kind).  This was the second wedding in 5 months of a grandchild and I will have another one in September.. with another one on the horizon soon I am sure.. I love looking at this picture . . . it makes me so happy.

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