Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Callings I have. . . . .

     Starting the year of 2014 with much joy and anticipation of the many wonderful things I am involved in.  My word of the year is "SERVICE". . . I am still working at the Phoenix Children's Museum and work at the Mesa Temple every Friday morning in the baptistery.  I love both of these, and really look forward to being there each week.. Those I serve with are so much fun and really great people. 
     Two weeks ago at church, President Steve Avey of the Scottsdale North Stake asked me before the meeting started if he could talk to me afterward.. I teasingly said "no".. He said "please".. I knew it was for a new calling and I asked him if he realized that I had "3" calling at the present time.. teaching the Sunbeams in Primary, which I loved and serving on the Relief Society enrichment  board and then working at the Temple.. He assured me he knew of these callings and that we would take care of that. I was very nervous during sacrament meeting and tried to think why Pres. Avey would want to talk to me.. it is usually for a new calling.. After the meeting we met in a small room and he asked me to serve as the Stake Un-wed mother counselor for the Scottsdale North Stake.  I asked what this calling entailed and he told me he honestly didn't know, but would call Family Services and set up training for me.. I agreed that I would love to be of service to these young birth mothers and was set apart for this new calling.  He said he would talk to the Bishop and let him know that I needed to be released from my other 2 callings in the ward.  I ran into our stake president, President Cannon after church and told him that I had accepted this new calling.. He was happy and said that when the need to fill this position came up, he immediately knew that he wanted to have me.. What an honor. 

     I talked to several people and shared with them my new assignment and they all asked what I would be doing... I am not sure, but will be trained and let them know. 

     I had my first meeting with Arizona Family Services today. It went really well and I believe I will love this new assignment as working with young birth mothers, helping them to receive the counsel and help that need to make correct decisions in each case.  Hannah my supervisor is very up-beat and enthusiastic and I know I will enjoy working with her.  I was given several manuals and CD's to read and watch to help familiarize myself with the workings of Family Services and all they have to offer.   
      I was also asked to be the new Phoenix Area Volunteer Coordinator. The Phoenix area goes from Prescott to Yuma. I will be in charge of setting up and organizing the monthly meetings and act as a liaison between the volunteers and interns and the agency. I will also be involved in the quarterly Advisory Council meetings and relaying the information learned to my Stake and the Phoenix area volunteers and interns. I will work with the 11 wards in our stake to make sure that they are receiving all the help they need with Family Services. So many services are offered to those in our church and those not LDS also. I am looking forward to learning all the in's and out's of this new calling and being of help in the areas needed

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