Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Countdown. . . . .

This week started out with a gloomy Monday.. rainy, gray skies, but that didn't stop us from calling on 18 sisters.. The area we were in was filled with a lot of townhouses.. we found 4 sisters home and so we had some great visits..

 Tuesday was a beautiful day, sunny and 58 degrees out. We had our district meeting in the morning and it was my last one.. The 4 young elders and 2 young sister missionaries who are in our district are so amazing.. I just love to spend time with them. Sisters Holt and Smith had asked to have lunch with them since I am going home, so we took them to Quedoba and had a very fun lunch.  The visits in our area on Tuesday were single homes and so walking around was wonderful in this gorgeous weather.. We called on 11 sisters and had 3 visits..
 Elder Gillispe, getting ready to "die" by firing squad
He went home on Weds.. so he had to die..
 The firing squad!
 Our district
Sister Holt and Smith
In the evening we were asked to help out at the visitors center, so I got to work the front desk, which I love.. You get to see everyone who comes in the door and I love to talk to everyone.. It was a special evening of Music and Inspiration in the theater, so we had lots of people attend.. I saw many old friends and people I knew, and was so excited when through the door walked Sister Madison McCormick of my home ward in Phoenix.. I saw her the minute she walked in and was so happy that I got to see her before I went home. She is serving in the Washington DC South Mission and arrived in that mission 2 weeks ago.  She looks amazing and said she is so happy and doing great.. I had to get her dad on the phone right away and let him know I just hugged this darling missionary from Phoenix.. Such a great night..

Sister McCormick & Me

 Weds was a gloomy rainy day but since this was our usual day at the family history center, it didn't matter because we would be inside all day. The man that I helped last week came in again and I was able to be of some help to him again in getting names corrected on his family tree.. I am learning as I help him, so this is a win, win for both of us. I found the original application for a military grave stone for my Grandpa Terry that was filed by my Uncle Melvin, my dads brother. I love searching and finding things each week.

 It was also transfer day for all the young missionaries and there were lots of transfers and moves and everyone was excited for their new companions and new areas.. With the influx of new arrivals, President Matsumori has added a new zone and added an additional set of missionaries to some areas.. We received 12 new elders and 1 new sister this week to our mission.  Next transfer they said we will receive about twice as many and the one after that about 3 times.. Lots going on out here in DC.
Sister Lawrence and her new trainee Sister Graff
Wednesday afternoon Dorothy called and asked if we could go to the grocery store for her, since her surgery she can't get out and we were more than happy to do so.. We went over to her place after we got out of the temple in afternoon and got her list, then went to the store and shopped for her. She was so thankful and very appreciative of our service.. She is a real sweetheart.. When I told her I would be leaving next week, she said "well you can't leave until you come see me next week".. so she is on our list for Weds. 

Thursday was sunny and cold, but at least it was sunny out.. I can do a lot if it is not raining, so I love the sunshine. We had the morning at home to get things done. I was able to get some organizing and packing done.  In the afternoon we first went to see Barbara and spend some time with her. She is such a joy and so much fun to visit.. We then called on 15 sisters from the White Oak Ward. 
 Kady and her adoreable children


 Friday & Saturday we decided we were going to see just how many sisters we could call on .. so on Friday we called on 17 and got to have visits with 4 and on Saturday we called on new sisters who have just moved into our ward. We called on 19 and visited with 5. We found out one of the sisters we went to see had just taken a nasty fall and was in a rehab center so we went to see her. She was very happy to see us.. So for the week we called on 86 sisters.. + all the other things we accomplished!

One really cool thing happened on Saturday.. We were trying to find a sister who lived at 14560 and drove and drove around this complex of townhouses and couldn't find it.. So we decided to try 14506 and when we knocked on the door, a young man answered and we asked if Ashley lived there and he said "I hope so", she came to the door and said,      " we were just talking about coming to church, but don't have our internet yet, so we didn't know where the chapel was".. we only stayed a minute but what a sweet experience.. they know that they are being thought of and felt welcomed.

Sunday I decided to go down to Calvert to church to see the friends I made when I served there.. I loved walking into the chapel and have so many people come up to me and tell me how much they missed me.. The Bishop asked if I couldn't extend and stay longer.. I assured him that my family really does want me to come home.. as much as I love everyone here on my mission, I am ready to see my family and spend some quality time with all of them.. After church they had a "munch and mingle", a huge buffet with all kinds of soup and salads and sides.. So I not only got to see my friends but I got to have lunch to boot.. What a fun day.

 Chris Sanders
 Tracy Shoopack
 Heather Bugg
 Norma Goode
 Munch & Mingle

After I left the church I drove down to the Chesapeake Bay one last time.. I just love it there and would love to have a house right on the Bay.. The water is such a draw to me and so peaceful sitting there.. So worth the drive down south today, friends and the beauty of nature.

Sunday evening we went to a fireside at the visitors center to hear the new directors of the VC, Elder and Sister Eyring. Sister Eyring has played the violin with the Utah Symphony for fifty one seasons. She is the winner of many awards and competitions. She was Miss Utah and was awarded most talented musician in the Miss America pageant. She and Elder Eyring have 5 children and 9 grandchildren. Elder Eyring is the younger brother of President Henry B. Eyring. In Utah he served as the legal support to the State Board of Regent, the governing board for universities and colleges for 38 years.  They are going to be awesome directors.. they have such a love for the gospel and love working with the young sisters.


Starting to pack and get things ready.. We have a busy week planned for the coming week and I am looking forward to it..  I want to thank all of you who let me ramble on and sent me replies.. Since this is the journal of my mission, I know that sometimes it gets lengthy, but I want to remember everything I do while I am here.. On my blog I have had over 6,000 visits.. thanks so much.. you all are the best.

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