Sunday, January 20, 2013

It's Flu season. . . . .

Just so you know, this FLU is NO FUN... In case you were wondering.. After 5 days I was still down on Monday. On Tuesday I was able to sit up and walk around a little, so I knew that it was winding down..Thank heavens..

Wednesday I felt well enough to go to the Family History Center and sit and work on a computer all  morning.  I have been searching for more information about my fathers side of the family, his sister and brother and their families.  I was so lucky and found so much information thru census records and death records.. Slowly I am getting the information pieced together and can't wait until I can lay it all out on the table at home and work on it more than one morning a week.  In the afternoon Sister Wege went to do some work at the temple and I really was wiped out so I went to the visitors center and visited with the sisters in the office for awhile.  It was a good day and I was so happy that I finally got outside the apartment for the first time in a week. 

Thursday we had splits; Sister Wege headed one direction to pick up a sister and take her to  our regular Thursday.. visit with Barbara.. I headed the other direction to take Darlene to the dentist. She is such a fun lady.. Always dressed to the "nines" (I believe the term is).  Her beige pant suit, gold blouse and shoes to match and then topped with a black fun pill box hat and black fur jacket.. One styling lady. She is having to have her teeth pulled one at a time for false teeth....  She is a very smart lady and we were talking as we drove along. She has a Masters degree from the University of Maryland and then a  PHD from The University of Wahington DC. She worked for the defense dept. as their education liaison, to the local universities and government agencies and the military.  I said "wow, Darlene, you were pretty high up".. to which she answered "yes mam, if my boss was out I was the one in charge".. It was a good visit and she felt so much better after her dr. visit.

 Friday we had scheduled "19" sisters to call on.. that's right I said "19".  Sister Wege said she was taking it easy since I had been sick... When we left our apartment at 10:00 it was 26 degrees.... COLD.  We were working in the Laurel area and the drive out was so nice.. Most of the ladies on the list lived in apartments, so we got plenty of exercise as we went to each door and knocked.. We found "1" sister home and had a wonderful visit with her.
We leave a "Sorry we missed you " card with our names and phone number on it, at the doors of those who do not answer..  It was a very fulfilling day and even though we only had one visit it was worth it..because it was such a great visit.
some of the houses in Laurel


Saturday we only had "18" names on our schedule to visit.. It wasn't as cold and the sun was out and it turned out to be 48 degrees.. It was a fun day..we talked to 3 sisters and a couple of husbands.. So a great day.. So all in all this weekend has been a very productive one..

Our daily schedule... 

Sunday started with our 7:30 meeting and then church.. We had told Darlene we would pick her up for church.. She was ready and waiting for us.. After church we had scheduled 13 sisters to visit and we got to see 3 sisters..for a total of 53 doors we knocked on for our visits this week. 

Sunday evening we went to the visitors center for a special "why I believe" fireside. It featured Debbie Bibley, who is a trained archeologist who worked for the State of Utah as a state archeologist in their antiquities division for several years.. Her stories were fantastic and it was inspiring to hear of her adventures. I saw several friends from southern Maryland, which was great.   

We are in full swing again and I am loving it so much. Very mixed feelings about the next month.. 

 Have a wonderful week and may you all be blessed. 

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