Monday, November 12, 2012

What a great week !

     The first part of the week was Chilly, no let me re-phrase that . . .COLD.. Our nights are in the low 30's and the highs during the days in the mid 40's.. I have gotten out the thermal underwear, for this Arizona girl.  My car is feeling the cold too.. I'm sure it is saying "hey, what have you gotten me into".. So I go out on the days I drive and warm it up for about 10 minutes, before we head out.. The end of the week Saturday and Sunday the weather was beautiful.. short sleeve weather for the natives, but a light jacket or sweater for me.. 

      We worked at the visitors center on Monday getting the rest of the nativity sets we have at this time all set out and arranged. Steamed the fabrics matched them with the sets.. a little like scrapbooking.. when you choose papers to compliment the pictures you are working with. When we had completed setting up we headed to Home depot to get some wood that could be cut into small blocks for us to use in setting up our nativity sets.

     My car had been acting weird when I turned the wheel and making a very loud noise, so I dropped it off at a little station that was recommended and the fellow said it sounded like I needed power steering fluid. So I left it and said I would pick it up later.. He called and said I had a hole in the hose to my power steering and it needed to be replaced, so my car had an overnight at the station waiting for the part.  Got it back the next day and it drives like a dream.. thank goodness..

      Tuesday we had a full day of calling on sisters.. We also visited with Joyce. She contracted MS in 2009. She now lives in an assisted living facility. We are helping her write her history to put into a book for her.  We were manned with questions to help us get the information we need to complete her story.  She was the first person in her family to go to college, and then she got her masters in computer science. She worked for over 20 years at Howard University as a computer programmer and various other assignments such as department head and lead programmer on many projects. She loved the questions and had some wonderful answers for us.  We are going to create a book for her with pictures and give it to her for Christmas. 

 Joyce with our friend Brenda Dickey

Being in Washington DC during an election year has been very interesting.  So different than being in Arizona.  It is exciting to think of the many things that will be going on here in the next few months. The eyes of the world are on DC and the decisions that are being made by the people of this wonderful country we live in.

"America will not fail. Men may fail in this country, earthquakes may come, seas may heave beyond their bounds, there may be great drought, disaster, and hardship, but this nation, founded on principles laid down by men whom God raised up, will not fail...I have faith in America; you and I must have faith in America."
~President Harold B. Lee

      At the family history center this week, I started working on documenting my family tree and checking to see if each member was accurate as far as I knew. My mother's line goes back to the time of keeping records and it is amazing to see where my family came from. My fathers line doesn't go that far back..guess I will have some digging and researching to do to take it back farther.  At the center we have access to all sorts of web sites with  information to use for our research, each week I can't believe that the time goes by so fast and our shift is over. I really look forward each week to finding out more about my family.
Sister Wege working on her family history
Thousands of reference books
Lots of computers for everyone to use

     We were caught up on our work at the visitors center on Wednesday so we decided to spend the day at the temple. We were meeting a young man to help him with some of the work he need to get done for his family at 6:30 so we had a good 3 1/2 hours to  spend there. It was very fun to have the time to re-connect with those friends I made when I was working there every week.. It was a wonderful day.

     Thursday after our shift at the visitors center we went to see Barbara our favorite Thursday afternoon visit. As we entered the center we were talking with Linda the receptionist about the different things that were going to be happening at the visitors center in the month of December. We had a schedule of all the free wonderful musical performances that will take place each evening that we gave to her. She said that her husband loved Jazz and we told her which performance he would like and she circled the date. As we met with our friend Barbara, Linda came in and asked Barbara if she would like to attend one of the special performances at the visitors center in December. She said she would arrange the transportation and take her as a special treat. Barbara said " just me?" and Linda said "yes, just the two of us".. What a special moment that was to see the happiness in Barbara's eyes.  She is so excited to go and we told her we will be there every night, so we will see her too.  It was a very special day as we read the scriptures with her and she had many questions and insights as well.. I just love our Thursdays with Barbara.

      I have been working on some secret projects for Christmas in the mission.. can't share yet, but will when Christmas comes.. They are really fun to do and I do love to create with Memory Mixer..

      We were invited to have dinner at 5 Guys with the Anderson's (another senior couple in our mission) and the 4 young elder missionaries who are serving in our area.  It was fun and the food was great.. then on Sunday evening we were all (8 of us)  invited over to the Schmoldtz house for another of Craig's amazing dinners. He is a fantastic chef and it is always such a treat. It is always a spread fit for a king and we all had a wonderful time. 

Elder Matahela - leaves to go home next week.. what an awesome missionary

On Saturday and Sunday, Sister Wege and I called on 20 sisters between the two days.  Caught a few home and left "sorry we missed you" cards at the rest. Busy days, but really fun to be out in the beautiful weather. One of my favorites is Tigi and my heart goes out to her and the struggle she goes through each week having dialysis every other day.. She is so strong and such an example to me of having faith that she will get her transplant and all will be well..  We visit with her each week and always bring some fruit or rice or anything she tells us she needs.. She is always so thankful for our coming and very thankful for what we bring to her.. I just love her.

 Tigi, just in case you had forgotten her

     On Sunday evening we had a training meeting for the new Family Tree program for genealogy that we will be using at the Family History Center.  It is wonderful and makes family searching so much easier.  A very informative training.. can't wait to get in to the FHC and give it a try on Weds. 

      All in all we had a fantastic week, so very busy and so many different things to do each day.. We are gearing up for our marathon schedule at the Visitors Center starting after Thanksgiving and going to January 2, 2013 for the Festival of Lights.  We will be serving there every afternoon from 3:00 until about 10:00. 

      I have had some very tender moments today as I viewed the video of my grandaughter Madi perform the song Over the Rainbow from the production of  The Wizard of OZ, she is performing in & then the pictures of my family as they sent white balloons up to heaven for Kent.. a wonderful day..

Everyone have a blessed week...

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