Sunday, September 16, 2012

Twelve Months Down.... Six to go

      Twelve months down and six months to go.. Wow the time is flying by so fast and I know that the next 6 months will go by really fast..

        Bowie is about an hour plus drive north.. It is a straight shot up highway 301.. The Bowie ward is one of the smaller wards area wise in the stake. We seem to be driving down the same streets all the time as we go to our visits, once we get up north.. The area is filled with beautiful single living homes and lots of town homes too.

       We had great hopes last week of a lot of return phone calls to set up appointments..but alas they never came.. So this Monday morning as Sister Brown was at the eye doctor I started to call sisters.. I made 28 calls and booked two days appointments and hopes of many more.

       The weather is so nice and I wanted to get back to walking now that the humidity was gone and the evenings were cool.  I called Suz to see if she was ready to start walking again and she was agreeable to get going.. So I drove over to her house and we had a wonderful walk. 

       Our visit with : Angie is the mom of 4 daughters ages 15, 13, 11 & 7 and one son age "almost 5" he states.. We had a wonderful visit with her as she prepped her dinner.. her husband is a doctor stationed at Ft. Meade, Maryland.  Teaching is his specialty on the base.. We were also invited to dinner after church on Sunday.. Got to meet the entire family and what a great family they are.. The elders came to dinner also.. Angie and her family fixed their version of "Cafe Rio", and it was delicious.. they had it down perfect.. We were treated to raspberry chocolate cake for dessert.. A great time..

 Angie and family

            Julie's husband is deployed and left last week.  He is a pilot for the Navy and is training on a new plane in Virginia. He will be stationed there for several months and gets to come home every once in a while and then next spring he leaves for long term deployment to Afghanistan.  They moved back to the states from Italy this last June and are just getting settled. They have two little girls and 5 and 2. The 2 year old was really having a hard time with her daddy leaving. Julie is doing great and is a great military wife and mom..


            Susan is a single sister that is very lonely.  She was very glad that we came to visit her and talked for 1 1/2 hours non stop. When we first got there her mood was very down and she really didn't have anything good to say about anything, she hates living here and everything about it. But we asked about the picture we saw on her end table, who was her son we found out.  She told us so many stories about him.  He is in the military and stationed in Guam with his wife & new baby.  When we told her we had to go because we had another appointment she was sad and said, " but I haven't told you about me yet".  So we assured her we would be back and she could finish her story.

         Kathy is such a sweet sister. She has one daughter at home who is 5 and what a whiz kid.. she plays the violin and can read and write like a 3rd or 4th grader.. She played a couple pieces for us. The bishop said Kathy is going through some tough times and we wanted to make sure she knew we were there to help in any way we could.  This is her second marriage and her two youngest sons from her previous marriage just left to return to live with their father out west.  She was very sad.. Her husband works a lot and she is very lonesome.. We hope she can be looked after and we talked to her visiting teacher who is also concerned about her. She said she would keep an eye on Kathy.. thank heavens for visiting teachers.

 Portrait of Kayla playing for her favorite stuffed friends

            Our day at the temple was wonderful as usual.. sad that many of our friends that we have made there are getting to the end of their missions and will be leaving soon.  I am so happy for them and will miss each one..

        On Friday Sister Brown was down in bed with a headache so I headed north to Bowie on my own. My first appointment was with Laura.. a young mom of two boys, 2 and 7 months.  She grew up in Bowie about 2 blocks from where she and her husband and boys live now.. She loves being close to her parents who still live in the house she was raised in.  She has a sister and a brother who are serving missions from the Bowie ward.  She loves to scrapbook and create cards.. It was really fun visiting with her and her boys..
 Laura & Cullen

 Crosby & Cullen

            My next appointment was with Karim , when I got to her apartment, I knocked on the door and waited then knocked again then her neighbor came out of her door and said in broken English "she not home"..  so I left one of our "sorry we missed you cards", and left.  My next appointment wasn't for an 1 1/2 hours & Karim's apartment was right across the road from a brand new shopping center that has great restaurants and stores in it.. So I grabbed a bite to eat and then got a flu shot and spent some time looking around.  Then I called Courtney my next appointment to see if I could come by a little early and she had forgotten our appointment and was at a play date with her children.. So we re-scheduled for next Friday.. I told her I would call in the morning on that day.. Since that was my last appointment of the day I headed south & ran some errands on the way home..

        We were invited to dinner at Bishop & Suz Martins home on Friday evening and then Suz and I planned on walking after dinner.  Sister Brown still wasn't feeling well, so I went alone. 

       Since we have only 6 months left we are trying to make sure that we go to all the special places in and around DC that we want to see.. So we decided to go to Mt. Vernon on Saturday.. It was a beautiful day out and Mt. Vernon is about 1 1/4 hours from our apartment in Virginia.. My GPS thought we wanted the tourist route I guess and it took us through DC.. so it took us over 2 hours to get there.. but so worth it.. We were hungry so the first order of business was having lunch in the quaint restaurant.. I loved that everyone is dressed in period costumes that works there.. We then toured the grounds and the home of George Washington.  It was a wonderful day and I loved being there.. Lots of walking and lots to see and we walked down each path and saw almost everything there was to see.. I love being in such a wonderful part of our country that is rich in the history of our nation.
 George Washington's Mansion
 The Gardens
 Pictorial in stained glass
The beautiful garden

 The view from the mansion
 George Washington
 The Farm

 George & Family

            At church today we were given a few minutes in Relief Society to explain our mission and introduce ourselves.. We were able to set a few appointments for this week. This coming week is our zone conference and I always love the counsel we receive and the interaction with all the missionaries in our 2 areas..
                                                         I can feel Fall in the air and I love it !

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