Sunday, August 19, 2012

What a busy, fun week we had this week..
        On Monday we all met at the Tate's home in our Calvert ward for a sailing outing with the missionaries who are serving in the DC temple.  They had another sailing trip for our DC North missionaries earlier in July when I was in Arizona, so I was happy that I got to go with this group.  The Tate's have a 65 foot sailboat and the Talbot's have a 35 foot sail boat and their friend let them borrow a huge catamaran sail boat for the day.   Brother Tate said that if I wanted to sail with a real sailor to go with Brother Talbot on his boat the "Legacy", his nickname is Sinbad.  We had 10 on our boat and I got to steer for a little while..which was fun and sort of scary... Brother Talbot told me to sail toward a certain point and it was kind of hard to keep the boat going in that direction.. We were on the water for 2 1/2 hours and it was really a relaxing time.. The water was as smooth as glass so we had to use the motor, but he did put the sails up.  After the sailing we all gathered together at Tate's yard for a huge picnic.. It was a wonderful day that I will always remember. 

 My turn at the wheel

 Brother Talbot & me
Sailing on the Bay
 Relaxing on the Legacy
Our group picnic

       Tuesday we were so lucky to have 4 appointments:  Our first one was with Lianne.  She asked us to meet her at the church, because her house was overrun with her animals.  We sat and talked to her for over an hour and she really shared with us how hard her life is and the many things she is dealing with.  We listened and offered what help we could and asked if it would be all right if we shared with the bishop and relief society president her situation and needs, to see what help we could get her. She isn't active and so when she agreed  to let the church help we were so happy. She is a very sweet sister and was really glad that she got to spend some time with us.. I really hope she is able to get the help that both she and her daughter need..

        Our next visit was quite a drive out in the "woods", we had called Carol and she gave us vague directions once our GPS said we arrived.. but the area is very remote with dirt roads going in several directions, so we had to call her again and have her help us navigate our way to her house.  The road was overgrown and when we arrived, we discovered that they were major collectors of everything, the older the better.. Carol walked out to greet us and I noticed right away that she had a "Phoenix" tee shirt on.. Well I knew we would have something to talk about.  She has severe health issues and has been in and out of the hospital for years.. We were concerned about her being so far up in the woods alone, but she said she had wonderful neighbors, so that helped put our mind a little more at ease.  She said no-one ever comes to visit her and if they do come they never come back.. She had to have the EMT's come once and they didn't even know that those houses existed.. She was truly a lovely lady and we are going to make sure she is contacted at least once a month from now on. 

                                                             The road to Carol's home

The view when we arrived

        Jennifer and her family had just moved to Calvert 4 weeks ago.. She has 4 children and her husband is an attorney for the Air Force.  They love the area and want to stay here when they are out of the military.  They have a large yard and have been working very hard to get it weeded and under control.  She was so much fun to visit with and just know she & her family will be an asset to the ward..

         Our last visit of the day was with Vicki.. She was so excited, because their son Steve was returning from his mission the next day.  They were having lots of family arrive and so we didn't stay to long.. What a fun time for their family.. Her husband is a full time professor at the University of Alabama on loan to the US government. He heads up a program for the Air Force working on instruments to help the planes of the future with communications.  They have 5 children and Steve is their youngest.. Vicki said she was so sad that she wouldn't have a missionary to write to each week any longer.  I am so happy for their family.. We get to hear their missionary talk in church this Sunday. 
Vicki and me

Vicki's beautiful home
       Wednesday was temple day.  Sister Brown was in bed with a migraine, so I drove up with our friend Bonnie.  I got to work in the baptistery in the morning again. which you all know I love so much.  A father and son were there from the Netherlands.. He said that when his children turn 12 he brings them to the US for a church history tour.  His oldest daughter was taken to Salt Lake City and the surrounding area.  His next daughter went to St. George and San Diego and the sites in-between. This time he brought his son and they were touring, New York, Illinois and Washington DC.. It was such a pleasure to meet them and hear about their adventures.. The entire day was so inspirational and uplifting.. I just love being in the temple each week.  Had a great visit with Bonnie on the trip up and back. She is such a sweetheart. 

       Thursday was a special Stake Temple day for the Suitland Stake that we are serving in.  It was so much fun to see so many people I know.. Since we have served in 5 wards and met so many people.. A total of 450 people from the stake attended the temple  during the day & we performed 3,466 ordinances. The temple was so pleased with the turnout and all the hard work that was performed that day .. what an awesome area I get to serve in.. wonderful people, who are so dedicated to serving the Lord and doing all they can to be an example to all those a round them. Bonnie and I rode up together, Sister Brown was still not feeling well so she stayed home.  After we left the temple we went to lunch at Cafe Rio with Bonnie's son and daughter-in-law.. a very fun day..

       Thursday would have been my 48th wedding anniversary.. I think of Kent every day and know that he would be so proud of what I am doing.  He is busy working I'm sure and so am I..

         Friday we got to meet with Kathy who lives down by the Chesapeake Bay.. She is a full time helpmate to her husband who due to several surgeries over many years has to use crutches to get everywhere.  He has been on crutches for 22 years.. He is very up beat and really active and doesn't let his disability slow him down, with help from Kathy.  We asked her what her hobbies were and she said that would be her husband.. It was a very fun visit..

       One thing we noticed this week was all the butterflies that were fluttering around everywhere we went.. It was so neat to see them all over the area.. 

        We next stopped to spend some time with Ann and her mom Shirley.  We had visited with them before and Shirley who is 88 has asked to come visit her often.. She is such a sweet sister and it is fun to visit with her and hear her stories..

        Saturday was a day to run errands.. and then relax after such a busy week.. One set of the young elders that live in our apartment complex came by for a visit.. It really is nice that they look after us.. Such wonderful young men with a wonderful dedication to the gospel & serving those they serve with all their hearts..
Elder Watson & Elder Rushton

        At church today we met two new sisters in our ward and we talked to about visiting them this week.. should be a fun week ahead.. This Sunday was the last Sunday we will be at the Calvert ward Sunday meetings.. Next Sunday we will have a meeting with the Relief Society Presidency of the Bowie Ward and will visit their church services... We will be serving in that ward for Sept. & we like to meet with them before we actually start working in their area.. Then they know what our assignments are and how they can help us achieve our goals.

       Give Loving Service
Yea, and now behold, O my so
 the Lord doth give me exceedingly great joy
 in the fruit of my labors.
                          Alma 36:25

               Tremendous happiness and peace of mind are the results of loving service to others.
Nobody can live fully and happily who lives only unto himself or herself.
President Gordon B. Hinckley

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  1. The sailing trip looks like fun....such a beautiful day. I am a little concerned, however, because it looks like you are steering the boat with your eyes closed!!!