Saturday, January 14, 2012

Sunshine, Rain, Wind, Snow, Sunshine, Cold, Really Cold

     Well the weatherman here is busy, because the weather seems to change every day.. One day we had 17 degrees and another day 40 mile an hour winds, then sunny and 50 degrees.  It snowed all day on Monday and that was really fun to see, but it was gone the next morning.. It is really COLD out today..high of 35 degrees..
My first snow in Maryland. . .Yes I was excited

      On Sunday we had Ward conference and it was so inspiring to hear the talks by the Bishop and the stake leaders who visited our ward.  We had dinner that evening with Kristi and her 3 boys and the elders.  She made the best chicken pasta dish and broccoli salad.. She asked to boys to choose their favorite things and they really did a great job.  We always have a great time at their house.  They are getting excited because Kristi's husband will be home from deployment in a little over a month..
Tynan, Tanner, Taynan & Kristi
Kristi & I

     On Monday we called 14 numbers and were able to talk to several sisters and got to go out and visit Dorothy. She is the terrific lady who is raising her 2 grandsons.. They are 10 and 4 and so well behaved and very fun to have around on our visits.  The 10 year old Jahar is very talented.. he gets straight A's in school, plays the violin, the clarinet, and is learning the piano.  He loves to give us a little recital while we are there.  Jadan the 4 year old is very shy and finally I have made friends with him and he will sit be me.. He is so stinkin cute..  

      Tuesday we made more phone calls and made 4 appointments, three that we could see on Weds. and one on Sunday.  Several of the sisters were not available for visits and so we had nice conversations with them and told them we would call them again soon.  So Wednesday we were able to visit some great sisters.. first we went to the home of Susie, she has 5 children and is expecting her 6th.. Her husband recently lost his job. He was working for the Navy as a civilian contractor.. So they are busy sending out resumes and looking for jobs.. Their children are so cute and when we drove up, her little girl asked " mommy is it a party"?  We had a great visit with Susie and are anxious to help them in any way we can.  Our next visit was to Kelley our RS president in 1st ward.. It is always so wonderful to visit with her and get her perspective on our work in her ward.. since we are under the guidance of the relief society.. Sometimes people think that the RS presidents, or wives of the leadership don't need to have visits and that is so wrong.  They need a visit just as much as everyone else.. They have a lot on their plates and can get so stressed out with the responsibilities of their callings or their husbands calling and doing so much alone.  So we were so glad we could visit with Kelley.. Our next visit was with Haleigh, the wife of one of our bishops.. when we got to their house, Haleigh was still picking up kids from school and the door was answered by the bishop, so we got to have some one on one time with the bishop, which was really great.  We were able to share our visits and concerns and highlights with him.  It was wonderful to get to have some time to just talk to him concerning our callings.. When Haleigh arrived we had a great visit with her..
Susie Kapeleris & Lori
Haleigh & Sarah

     Thursday was our zone conference.. We had a visit from the area medical advisor and he talked about the things that the missionaries can do to be healthier and then had some one on one time for anyone who needed to ask specific medical questions.  We had talks from Sister Mastumori and Elder & Sister Bleak from the office on apartment cleanliness and car upkeep.  President Matsumori's talk was so motivating and he talked about making sure we are all spiritually prepared and gave us several scriptures to help us in times of trial. 
These are the scriptures that President Matsumori shared with us:
Isaiah 55:8-9
D&C 122:9
D&C 3:10
2 Kings 6:14-18
Abraham 3:24

     These 5 things are what make a successful missionary:  or I think a well rounded person no matter if they are a missionary or not.
Keep your eye on the "Big Picture" 

      While we were at zone conference I got to have my one on one interview with President Matsumori, he is such an awesome leader and so supportive.. He said the nicest things and is very pleased with the pilot program and has received such good reports from our RS presidents and bishops and stake president on how we are touching the lives of so many in their wards.. I always feel so good after I talk to him.. He is truly inspired to be the mission president over the Washington DC North mission and I respect him so much.

     Friday Bonnie Ramon took us on a "surprise adventure", you know I am always up for an adventure.. She took us up to Upper Marlboro, Maryland, about 45 minutes north east of us to the "Dutch Village Farmers Market".  This is a marketplace owned and run by the Amish community of Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  It is a very large building filled with  13  separate vendors specializing in fresh and delicious meals, produce, dairy products, baked goods, meat market, candy & pastries, furniture, quilts and much much more.  We had such a great time there.. found some great gifts for upcoming birthdays and some things for Christmas next year.. We came home with something from each vendor I think. . . We also had a very delicious lunch there.. What a fun day.. Bonnie is such a good friend and is showing us so much of Maryland..

Beautiful furniture and quilts


Sister Brown

Saturday was the memorial service for a 25 year old sister in our ward who died of breast cancer.  We helped with the luncheon.  We never got to meet Farran but everyone said she was a wonderful girl, so full of life and such an inspiration to everyone who ever met her. 

     The week was wonderful and very inspiring and we are looking forward to next week.

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