Friday, October 7, 2011

First two weeks. . . .

My companion Sister Kathy Brown and I arrived at our mission presidents home on Weds. Sept. 21st. We stayed at the mission home that evening with our daughters, who had been our driving companions as we drove from SLC to DC. Our mission president James Matsomuri is such a wonderful compassionate man and we had such a fun evening with him and his darling wife. The next morning we drove through Washington DC to our apartment located in Waldorf, Maryland about 90 minutes south of the mission home. We passed many historic sites on our drive like the Washington monument, the Jefferson memorial. We will be serving in two wards that comprise the southern half of Maryland from the Potomac River to Chesapeake Bay.. We attended church that first Sunday in both wards, so we could meet the wards. We were warmly greeted and welcomed into both wards and felt love for those we met instantly.
The next Weds. my sister Judy and her husband arrived in DC to attend a football game in Virginia between the University of Idaho and the University of Virginia. Sister Brown and I ventured out and took the "Metro" to downtown DC's Union Station to meet Judy and Jim. We visited and ate lunch at Pizza Uno and then walked over to the capitol building and took a tour. It was wonderful to learn about the history of the government and the building and our tour guide Jamie was so knowledgeable, and knew the answer to every question asked. We had a great time together and I was sad to see them go.
Sister Brown and I will be working in the Washington DC Temple each Wednesday while on our mission. We met with Temple President Tingey this Tuesday and were set apart as temple workers and got to have a tour of the temple. It is so beautiful, it took us over 2 hours to tour the 7 story temple and I am sure we didn't get to see it all.. I know that I will get lost many times.
We have been driving around our area and noticing the beautiful landscape with tall trees, beautiful flowers and even quaint farm stands selling local fruits and vegetables. Drives down 2 lane country roads and beautiful homes.
Everyone we have met has been delightful and so helpful in helping us learn about our new surroundings. I know that I will have an amazing 18 months here and will hate to leave when my time is up. Looking forward to the trees changing into their vibrant fall colors..

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